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Axiom Economics specialises in the provision of expert and strategic advice across a number of practice areas and a range of sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Practice Areas

Competition matters
Our economists have advised on the potential competitive effects of mergers, acquisitions and joint venture arrangements and have also been involved in enforcement proceedings involving allegations of the misuse of market power, anticompetitive conduct and unconscionable conduct. Our team has also been involved in market reviews that have examined the state of competition in particular markets (e.g., the east coast gas market and retail energy markets).

Economic regulation
Our team has provided advice on a range of topics, including the application and removal of regulatory controls, forms of regulation, market and regulatory design and rules, asset valuation, expenditure allowances, outsourcing arrangements, cost allocation, the cost of capital, the application of the regulatory investment test, depreciation, efficient upstream and downstream pricing and auction design.

Third party access
We have advised owners and prospective users of infrastructure on a number of applications for ‘declaration’ or ‘coverage’ of infrastructure in Australia (e.g., rail, gas pipelines and jet fuel supply infrastructure).

Commercial transactions and disputes
Our team has provided economic advice in due diligence and sales processes and a number of commercial disputes, including arbitrations over wholesale gas prices, infrastructure access pricing disputes and commercial mediations on matters such as the quantum of insurance claims for economic loss.

Our economists have provided policy advice to governments, regulatory agencies and businesses on matters ranging from the principles to apply when deciding how to construct the National Broadband Network to how best to set health insurance premiums.

Sector experience

Energy sector
Our economists have provided advice on competition, third party access, market design, economic regulation, commercial disputes and policy matters arising in wholesale gas and electricity markets and the transmission, distribution, storage, distributed generation, metering and retailing segments of the gas and electricity supply chains.  This advice has been provided in Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mining and natural resources sector
Our team has provided advice on competition and commercial disputes arising in the natural gas, petroleum, iron ore, coking coal, zinc and forest product sectors.

Telecommunications sector
Our team has provided advice on third party access and regulatory issues to owners and users of telecommunications infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Transport sector
Our team has provided advice on third party access, competition and economic regulation issues arising in the airports, aeronautical services, ports, towage services, road and rail transportation sectors.

Water and waste water sector
Our team has provided advice on the economic regulation of water and waste water infrastructure and water trading in the Murray-Darling Basin, and provided advice on the application of long-run marginal cost principles to water pricing.

Other sectors
Other sectors that we have worked in include the postal, steel, scrap metal, beverages, grains, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, payment networks, building products, musical recordings, securities and insurance sectors.